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11:00 - 7:00 p.m. daily


Liverpool 9, Col. Juárez, cdmx

Liverpool 9, Col. Juárez, cdmx

11:00 - 7:00 p.m. daily

FALLING - Huile De Parfum / Perfume Oil

$ 1,600.00

FALLING smells like busy Ramp Tramps tripping in the city and falling over.

RAMP TRAMP TRAMP STAMP's first ever perfume, FALLING is a fit flexible scent designed to settle differently on each wearer; from skater boy to corporate baddie (and anyone in between). The initial offering is this 15ml perfume oil, made entirely from natural and sustainably sourced premium oils meaning no headaches or nausea sometimes brought on by synthetic perfume.

The perfume comes in a specially screen printed glass bottle, designed to be an accessory in itself; resilient enough to spend everyday in a handbag or pocket without peeling or fading, and with the cool touch of an aluminium roller ball for sensual reapplication throughout the day.

Each perfume comes packaged in a pair of vintage dead stock pantyhose, to be worn or reimagined creatively as you desire. Please note these are luck of the draw.

Made in Australia.